The Results of My America Summer Work Travel Photo Contest 2019

We are pleased to announce the winner and finalists of the 2019 edition of the My America photo contest for participants of the Summer Work Travel program. All photos can be seen HERE:

Winner – Maciej Kuc for photo “Forrest Gump(ers)”

The other finalists include the following photos (names as given by participants) and their authors (in alphabetical order):

Martyna Drabarczyk: “Power of the Contrast”

Maciej Drążek: “Ocean View”

Katarzyna Dykas: “Rainbow over the Highway”

Łukasz Frontczak: “New York”

Sebastian Grajaszek: “Hoodoos Jump”

Sebastian Grajaszek: “Nature vs. Engineering”

Damian Kasprowicz: “Where I Am”

Zuzanna Król: “Light Beam”

Maciej Kuc: “There is Hope”

Paweł Mitura: “Lighthouse”

Piotr Ostrowski: “Californian Sunset”

Piotr Ostrowski: “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”

Samanta Patoń: “Jump High, Dream Higher”

Samanta Patoń: “Majestic Nature”

Dawid Pycz: “Objects in the Mirror are Closer Than They Appear”

Agnieszka Rosomacha: “Pumpkin Walk”

Mateusz Sawicki: “Do Not Look Down”

Dominika Salwierak: “After Sunset on the Best Bridge in NYC”

Radosław Snopkowski: “Glacier National Park”