Transfer of Authority for NATO Enhanced Forward Presence Battle Group Poland

Primary Contact: 1LT Kealy Moriarty
Ph#: +49 17 2189 1096

May 13, 2019

BEMOWO PISKIE, Poland— Pennsylvania Army National Guard’s 3rd Squadron, 278th Armored Cavalry Regiment is set to replace the outgoing unit, 2nd Squadron, 278th ACR in support of NATO’s Enhanced Forward Presence Battle (eFP) Group Poland during the transfer of authority ceremony in Bemowo Piskie on, May 16.

2/278th ACR Commander, Lt. Col. Donny Hebel, commander of Task Force Raider relinquishes command to the incoming Task Force Pacesetter and 3/278th ACR commander, Lt. Col. Mark P. O’Neill.

Battle Group Poland is a unique, multinational battle group, comprised of U.S., U.K., Croatian and Romanian soldiers to form Task Force Pacesetter and will serve alongside the host nation 15th Mechanized Brigade as a defense and deterrence force in northeast Poland in support of NATO’s Enhanced Forward Presence.

The eFP demonstrates the collective and individual resolve of allies and will provide a responsive and flexible military capability to respond to any aggressive act as part of NATO’s overall deterrence and defensive posture. It is comprise of multinational forces provided by framework nations (Canada, Germany, United Kingdom and the United States) and other contributing Allies on a voluntary, sustainable, and rotational basis.

The 3/278th ACR is comprised of over 800 soldiers from the Pennsylvania and Tennessee Army National Guard consisting of Headquarters, Headquarters Troop, I Troop (Armor), K Troop (Armor), L Troop (Infantry), and H Troop from the 278th Regimental Support Squadron. The 3/278th ACR is also supported by the regimental engineer squadron’s A Troop and the regimental fires’ squadron B Troop. The 278th ACR is one of two “Heavy” ACRs still in existence and is based out of Knoxville, Tennessee however, 3/278th ACR is based in Danville, Pennsylvania.