U.S. Embassy Supports “Festival of The Tree” and Public Awareness of Environmental Preservation

On October 10, the newly arrived Counselor for Public Affairs Frank Finver took part in the 15th edition of the annual “Festival of the Tree” initiative organized by Klub Gaja in Pole Mokotowskie park in downtown Warsaw.  Joined by US Embassy colleagues and the renowned artist Leon Tarasewicz, Finver planted an apple tree alongside other apple and magnolia trees planted by the Armenian Ambassador, Warsaw City Officials, officials of the National Forests agency, and the actor Bartlomiej Topa. Through this annual initiative, Klub Gaja raises public awareness about the importance of trees for the environment and society.  Its president Jacek Bozek encouraged all those in attendance to take part in local actions that plant and save trees.  He noted that since the “Festival of the Tree” began 15 years ago, 630,000 people have taken part in it around Poland and that 811,000 trees have been planted.   Prior to the planting of trees, Bozek gave special attention to the students visiting from the Primary School of Boleslaw Chrobry in Wasosz, Lower Silesia voivodship, who had planted 2,600 trees within the Gora Slaska forest district of Poland. Finver praised the efforts of Klub Gaja and thanked the supporters of the initiative in Warsaw and around Poland.