Child Travelers

Customs and Border Protection strongly recommends that children carry a letter authorizing international travel when traveling alone or with one of the following adults:• Other parent• Adult sibling• Single parent• Adult relative• Legal guardian• Non-relative adultThe letter must state the following:• Child’s name and birth date• Name(s) of legal custody adult(s) (Parents, legal guardians, etc.)• Contact information of legal custody adult(s)• Name of adult(s) accompanying the child and their relation (Aunt/Uncle, Grandparent, teacher, chaperone, etc.)• Purpose of travel (Visiting relatives, vacation, school trip, special competition, etc.)• Dates of travel• Places of travel (Countries where visiting, cities, etc.)There is no regulation that requires the authorization letter to be notarized. However, CBP highly advises this, because notarization is proof that the Notary has identified the person(s) signing the letter as being the actual parent(s) or legal guardian(s).CBP recommends that single parents also provide documentary proof that there is no other parent of the child (only one parent stated on birth certificate, single adoption, parent death, sole custody, etc.).For more information please see Frequently Asked Questions at