Emergency Contact Information for U.S. Citizens

Enroll in STEP to receive urgent updates: https://step.state.gov/

Emergencies include:

For emergencies related to immediate safety and security concerns, contact local emergency response services:

From cell phones:            112: Operator for Emergency Services
From fixed phones:          999: Ambulance, 998: Fire Brigade, 997: Police, 9633: Road Emergency

From mobile phones: remember to dial the local code before the number, for example: 22 – 997 to call the police in Warsaw.

Reporting Death, Arrest, Illness, Injury or Missing U.S. Citizen

For Warsaw, use our U.S. Citizens Services Navigator to find the answer to your question or receive instructions for contacting us.

For Krakow, email KrakowACS@state.gov following the instructions below with as much of the following information as possible:


  • Full name of the U.S. citizen
  • Date of birth of the U.S. citizen
  • Passport number of the U.S. citizen
  • Location of the U.S. citizen
  • Indicate: Death, Arrest, Illness, Injury, or Missing U.S. citizen
  • Name and contact information of the next of kin of the U.S. citizen
  • Your full name and contact phone number
  • Any further information that you find important

For emergencies requiring immediate assistance:

WARSAW:   During business hours (8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.)    +48 22 504 2784
After Hours and Holidays                                                           +48 22 504 2000
From the U.S. During Working Hours                                        +011 48 22 504 2000
From the U.S. After Hours                                                         +011 48 22 504 2000

KRAKOW:    During business hours (8:30-12:00 1:00-3:00)    +48 12 424 5100
After Hours and Holidays                                                        +48 22 504 2000

POZNAN:     During business hours (MWT 9:00-2:00)             +48 61 851 8516

For information on non-emergency services please go to American Citizen Services.

For more information, including what we can and cannot do in a crisis, visit our Emergencies section.

Note: Poland is 6 hours ahead of Washington, DC (EST) 

Consulates and Embassy will be closed for Federal and Local National Holidays