Methods of Payment in Poland

Residents of Poland can have benefits paid by one of the following methods:

  • Direct deposit to your U.S. bank account (individual or joint). To sign up for domestic direct deposit please contact your bank or visit Treasury’s Go Direct website.
  • Direct deposit to your individual US dollar account in the PEKAO SA bank in Poland. As these payments are made via American banking system, their accurate and timely delivery is assured, however a bank fee may apply. If you wish to receive your benefits this way, please send us the completed SF-1199-CDD form (PDF 385KB).
  • Direct deposit to your dollar account in any bank in Poland (individual or joint). This method of payment is free of charge. If you wish to sign up for this type of direct deposit, please complete form SF-1199–PO-OP1 (PDF 129 KB) and send it to us.