Frequently Asked Questions

If you have received correspondence from SSA please read it carefully. It may contain important information on suspension of your benefits. Otherwise, please follow the instructions on our Reporting Changes and requesting Post Entitlement Actions section.

It differs depending on the type of benefits you want to apply for. The minimum number of U.S. credits required for benefits based on combined periods of coverage in the U.S. and a foreign country is six. Please refer to the Benefits section for more information.

The retirement age differs depending on the type of benefits for which you apply. Please refer to the Benefits section for more information.

If the letter or form is in English and there is no translation provided please ask someone who speaks English to help you translate it. In complex matters if you do not understand, it you can request assistance of the Federal Benefits Unit but please bear in mind that we do not routinely provide translation services.

If you receive retirement benefits based on your own work in the U.S. and neither your U.S. nor the other benefits were based on combined periods of work in both countries, such retirement benefit will affect the amount you are getting from SSA. Please make sure you inform the Federal Benefits Unit immediately once you are awarded other benefits to avoid possible overpayment of U.S. benefits. Please follow the guidelines in the Reporting Changes section.

Please check the entries on your Medicare insurance card. If both Part A and Part B are listed it means that the monthly premiums may be deducted from your SSA benefits. If you want to have Part B insurance terminated you can request it by filling out the form CMS-1763 (PDF 66 KB) and send it to the Federal Benefits Unit. Please note that Medicare insurance Part A (hospital insurance) is free of charge.

Yes, but your work can affect your right to benefit payments. If you are below full retirement age and engage in self-employment or work for a non-U.S. employer for more than 45 hours you may not be eligible for payments. Please go here (PDF 1 MB) to read more about it.

There is no minimum amount. It depends on the number of years you or your family member worked in the U.S., the amounts of taxed earnings in each year and your age.

Yes. It may be taxable in the U.S. or in Poland depending on your individual status. Please refer to the Taxation of benefits section for more information.

Yes, the premiums are deducted from all sources of income. For details and current rates please contact NFZ (website in Polish).

It depends on when the Polish agency (ZUS or KRUS) provides us with the certification of the periods of insurance in Poland. It usually takes from 2 up to 12 months.