Immigrant Visas: Diversity Visa Program

DV-2023 Program

Update: As of September 7, 2023, the Department of State has issued all available DVs for the 2023 DV Program. 

We acknowledge that the early conclusion of the 2023 program may be disappointing to selectees who were unable to receive a visa.  The 2025 Diversity Visa program entry period will open in early October of this year, and we encourage all who are eligible to apply.  As previously stated in the DV-2023 program instructions, the DV program is limited to the issuance of approximately 55,000 visas each fiscal year.  Selection does not guarantee that an applicant will receive a visa interview or a visa.  Selection merely means the person may be eligible to participate in the DV program and may potentially apply for a visa, but it is not a guarantee.  Due to the probability that some of the first 55,000 persons selected will not qualify for visas or ultimately choose not to participate in the program, more individuals are selected to participate in the program each year than the number of visas which are available.  This is done to ensure we are able to issue the maximum number of visas available under the DV program in any given year.  The Department of State remains committed to facilitating travel for DV recipients and recognizes the important contributions these individuals bring to our communities.

DV-2024 Program

The online registration period for the DV-2024 Program lasted from October 5 till November 8, 2022.  Applicants submitted their entries for the DV-2024 program electronically at . The law allows only one entry per person during each registration period.  Electronic lottery entry in the annual DV program is free (there is no fee).   No late entries or paper entries were accepted.  You had to submit a current photo, taken within the last 6 months, of each member of your family.  Using the same photo as was submitted with the previous year entry automatically disqualified your application, also old photos may be the reason for a visa refusal at interview with the Embassy.

It was important that you submitted correct data in your application as outlined in the DV instructions.  Discrepancies or mistakes in personal data on your original entry may result in the visa refusal later on.  It is very important that you retain your unique confirmation number and have access to the e-mail address submitted with your entry.

Starting May 6, 2023, you may check the status of your entry by returning to, clicking on Entrant Status Check, and entering your unique confirmation number and personal information. You must use Entrant Status Check to check if you have been selected for DV-2024 and, if selected, to view instructions on how to proceed with your application.

Please check the website of the State Department at for instructions and more details.

The Immigration Act of 1990 established the Diversity Visa (DV) program, where 50,000 immigrant visas would be available in an annual program, starting in fiscal year 1995. The program aims to diversify the immigrant population in the United States, by selecting applicants mostly from countries with low rates of immigration to the United States in the previous five years.

To apply for a diversity visa, follow the steps outlined in the Diversity Visa Process on the Department of State’s website.  Once you have completed those steps, review the instructions given to you by the Kentucky Consular Center (KCC), along with the information presented on this website, for further guidance and instructions.

Please note that selection in the DV program does not mean getting an immigrant visa or a green card. DV applicants have to meet all the requirements for both the DV program and the U.S. immigrant visa to be eligible to obtain it.

Electronic entry in the annual DV program is free (there is no fee). To enter the DV program, you must be a native of one of the countries listed by the State Department.  Persons born in Poland, Belarus, Ukraine and Russia qualify for the DV-2023 and 2024 programs.


If you receive an e-mail or a phone call claiming that you have been selected in the Diversity Visa program, and requesting any action or payment from you, you should be aware that you are a victim of a scam.

The Embassy warns Polish citizens that such notifications are not legitimate. Please do not take any action or send any money.
For fraud warning details please check the State Department’s info at

If you were selected in a prior DV program year:  Information regarding the processing of diversity visas from FY2020 in accordance with the court order in Gomez v. Biden and information regarding the processing of diversity visas from FY2021 in accordance with the court orders in Rai v. Biden, Goodluck v. Biden, and Goh v. Blinken will be published on as it becomes available. Please see the announcement on the State Department’s website:

Updated: 09/08/2023

If you receive an e-mail claiming that you have been selected in the Diversity Visa program, and requesting any action or payment from you, you should be aware that you are a victim of a scam.

The Embassy warns Polish citizens that such notifications are not legitimate. Please do not take any action or send any money.
For fraud warning details please check the State Department’s info at

Please note that Kentucky Consular Center (KCC) is no longer mailing a letter confirming that applicants were selected. Entrant Status Check is the sole means of informing you of your selection for the DV visa lottery program. The Entrant Status Check will also provide instruction on how to proceed with your application, and will notify you of your appointment for immigrant visa interview, so it is essential you retain your confirmation number.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: If you have lost your confirmation information, you will not be able to check your DV entry status. The State Department will not be able to resend the confirmation page information to you.

All entrants may check the status of their DV entry on-line through the Entrant Status Check on the E-DV website at Entrants will need to use the information they received from their confirmation page saved at the time of entry. Entrant Status Check is the ONLY means of informing you if your entry for DV was selected or not.

The Entrant Status Check also provides instructions on how to proceed with your application, and notifies you of your appointment for immigrant visa interview, so it is essential that you retain your confirmation number. Please note that the Kentucky Consular Center does not mail letters or send e-mails confirming that applicants were selected and the American Embassy does not have a list of winners.

If you have been selected for further processing in the Diversity Visa program, after you read instructions, you will need to demonstrate you are eligible for a diversity immigrant visa by successfully completing the next steps. You should carefully and promptly follow the instructions. The principal applicant and all family members applying for a diversity visa in the DV program must complete the online Immigrant Visa Application Form DS-260. You will need to enter your DV case number and principal applicant’s date of birth into the CEAC website to access the form DS-260 and update the information about yourself and your family that you included in your DV entry.

If your family circumstances have changed after you entered the lottery, for example, if you have gotten married or had a child, you will need to add your new family members to your case. After submitting the Form DS-260 online, please print the confirmation page. You must bring the confirmation page to your visa interview with you.

Important note: If you had a spouse or children prior to submitting your original entry, but you did not include them on your original entry form, then your case will be disqualified at the time of your visa interview. Neither you nor any of your family members will receive visas.

The Kentucky Consular Center (KCC) will review your information, and will let you know if there are any problems with the data you have provided. KCC may request that you go back to CEAC to update information on your DS-260.

Please be aware that KCC can only tell you if your form is complete. KCC cannot tell you whether or not you or your family members are qualified for diversity visas. Only the consular officer who will interview you can make that decision.

Please note that selected applicants will have to pay all diversity visa fees in person at the U.S. Embassy at the time of the visa interview.

At the time of your visa interview you will be required to provide the documents listed below (originals and copies with translations into English).


The passport should be valid for at least sixty days beyond the period of validity of the visa. Please remove any plastic sleeves/coverings from the passport.

Important: Each applicant should bring his/her previous passport(s) with U.S. visas, otherwise your visa may be refused until the consular officer can review them.

Applicants from Russia and Ukraine should also bring with them their internal passports (внутренний паспорт).

UID Number

All applicants should print out and bring to the Embassy the confirmation page of your GSS registration and passport pick-up location choice. The confirmation page must contain the barcode and your UID number.  The EMB facility at 115 Wiertnicza Street in Warsaw is a designated passport pick-up location for applicants residing outside of Poland.


Each applicant must submit two photos which meet all the requirements listed here. Photos must be cut out and signed at the back with your last and first name in capital letters in Latin alphabet.

Immigrant Visa Application Forms

Complete online (if you have not done it earlier) the biographic data form DS-260 for each person applying for a visa, regardless of age. The form is accessible through CEAC website at

To access and complete the DS-260 you will need your case number (DV rank number) and principal applicant’s date of birth (in the format YYYYMMDD).

Birth Certificate

For applicants born in Poland only complete version of a birth certificate (Odpis zupełny aktu urodzenia) is accepted. Polish “short form” of birth certificate will not be accepted.

Marriage Certificate (if applicable)

Married persons are required to present their marriage certificate (plus one copy for each applying spouse). Please note that only complete versions of Polish marriage certificates (Odpis zupełny aktu małżeństwa) will be accepted. The Polish “short form” marriage certificate will not be accepted.

Evidence of the Termination of Prior Marriages (if applicable)

Any applicant who has been previously married must obtain evidence of the termination of each prior marriage such as final divorce decree, death certificate or annulment of marriage.

Police Certificate

Police certificates are required for every applicant aged 16 or over from the country of their permanent residence and from any other country that they resided in for more than one (1) year (that pertains also to military service in other countries).  If the applicant has been convicted of any crime in any country, a copy of the court record of each conviction is required (with translation into English).  Currently, the validity of police certificates has been extended to 2 (two) years.  For further information on how to obtain police certificate click here.

Military Records

Applicants from some countries (including Belarus, Russia, Ukraine and other former Soviet countries) with current or prior military service must provide military records, if applicable. Military records must contain a complete record of the applicant’s service and conduct while in the service. The record must show any convictions of crime before military tribunals. Please bring the original and make sure to provide a copy and translation of every page with any annotation or stamp.

Medical Examinations

All applicants should submit the results of medical examination in the original unopened envelope. In some cases the medical exam results will be sent electronically directly from the panel physician to the Embassy.  For further information regarding required medical examination click here.

Financial Documents

Diversity Visa applicants must demonstrate that they have the financial means to support themselves and not become a public charge of the U.S. government.

Evidence of Required Education or Work Experience

This requirement applies only to the principal applicant whose entry was selected in the DV program. For additional details, please see the DV instructions.


Documents in Polish, except for court records, do not have to be translated. All documents that are not written in English or Polish must be translated into English by a certified translator.

After your online forms have been received and approved by the Kentucky Consular Center, based on visa availability, you may receive an e-mail from KCC to let you know that an interview has been scheduled at the U.S. Embassy. The e-mail will instruct you to log into the Entrant Status Check on the Electronic Diversity Visa (E-DV) website, using your DV entry confirmation number, to view the date, time and location of your interview.