Frequently Asked Questions (IV)

  1. What immigrant visa categories are impacted by the March 11, 2020 Presidential Proclamation and subsequent guidance?

With the exception of certain emergencies, the Embassy is not currently processing immigrant and diversity visas.

  1. Are there any exceptions?

The Presidential Proclamation does list certain exceptions for emergencies.  For example, the Embassy can still process cases where a child will turn age 21 and lose his/her eligibility for the visa.  In general, we expect such exceptions to be rare, but if you believe your circumstances meet any of them, please reach out to us at

  1. What if I already have an appointment?

Your appointment will be postponed.  We are in the process of calling and emailing applicants who have appointments soon.

  1. When will my appointment be rescheduled?

We will reschedule your appointment as soon as possible after the Presidential Proclamation restrictions ease.

  1. What if I live in Belarus?

Belarusian applicants are subject to the same restrictions noted above.  The March 11, 2020 Presidential Proclamation restricts travel to the United States for anyone who has recent presence in the Schengen Area.  Thus, we are unable to issue most immigrant visas to anyone who has recently been in the Schengen Area, including Poland.  This includes Belarusian applicants who come to Warsaw for their visa appointments.