Presidential Proclamation – Frequently Asked Questions

Presidential Proclamation – Frequently Asked Questions


1. What visa categories are impacted by the March 11, 2020 and June 22, 2020 Presidential Proclamations? 

With the exception official visas, and certain other exceptions (see below), the U.S. Embassy in Warsaw and Consulate General in Krakow cannot approve any nonimmigrant visas at this time, including tourist/business (category B1/B2) visas, student visas (categories F and M), exchange visas (category J) and work visas (categories H, L, O, P and R).  Even if the travel limitations from the March 11, 2020 proclamation on those present in the Schengen Area is lifted, the June 22, 2020 proclamation imposes restrictions until December 31, 2020 on the issuance of work visas in categories H and L, as well as some exchange visas in category J (i.e., Summer Work Travel program participants, camp counselors, au pairs, trainees, interns and teachers).

2. Can official travelers still enter the United States? 

Yes, persons traveling in an official capacity on behalf of the Government of Poland can still travel to the United States by obtaining a category A, G or NATO visa.  For more information on official visa requests, please write to

3. Are there any other exceptions?

The Presidential Proclamation does allow travel that is considered to be in the U.S. national interest.  Those cases will be very rare.  Such travelers can still request emergency appointments, as described below.

4. What if I already have an appointment? 

Your appointment will be cancelled.  You will be able to reschedule your appointment at no charge at a later date.  At this time, the next available appointments are in July 2020, although earlier appointments slots may be opened in the future if circumstances allow.  To change your appointment, please visit

5. Are there any appointments available in the future? 

Yes, appointment slots starting in July 2020 are available for all categories.  Earlier appointments slots may be opened in the future if circumstances allow.  To make an appointment, please visit  Please note that, although appointment slots are available, applicants for work or exchange visas that are impacted by the June 22, 2020 Presidential Proclamation (see question 1, above) should consider postponing their appointments until 2021.

6. How do I make an emergency appointment? 

If you believe that you may qualify for an exception, you may request an emergency appointment.  You may do so by first making an appointment for a future date on, and then requesting an emergency appointment following the procedures described on that website.  If you encounter any problems in making the emergency appointment, please send us an inquiry through the procedures described on that website, or write to Embassy Warsaw at or Consulate General Krakow at

7. I have a valid ESTA.  May I travel to the United States? 

The restrictions under the Presidential Proclamation apply equally to those traveling with visas and those traveling under ESTA.  ESTAs may be cancelled for those trying to enter the United States from areas for which travel restrictions are in place, including the Schengen Zone.  You are encouraged to consult with your airline.

8. Can I get a refund of my application fee or ESTA fee? 

Unfortunately, visa application fees and ESTA application fees are not refundable.  You can reschedule your visa appointment at no additional charge during the one-year period beginning on the date the fee was originally paid.  Approved ESTAs remain valid for up to two years.

9. I’m not from Poland.  Please transfer my profile back to my country.  I wish to apply there. 

You may be able to use your existing account profile in your home country.  However, the fee you paid in Poland cannot be transferred to pay for a case processed outside of Poland.  If you wish to apply for a U.S. visa at a U.S. embassy or consulate outside Poland, you will need to make a new fee payment and fill out another application form according to the application procedures at that location.