Weakened Media Freedom in Poland



DECEMBER 17, 2021

The United States is deeply troubled by the passage in Poland today of a law that would undermine freedom of expression, weaken media freedom, and erode foreign investors’ confidence in their property rights and the sanctity of contracts in Poland. We encourage President Duda to reaffirm his past statements about respecting the shared democratic norms that underpin our relationship and his commitment to defend the constitutional principles of freedom of speech, freedom to engage in economic activity, property rights, and equal treatment under the law. We strongly encourage him to respect these norms and commitments in regard to this legislation that will severely affect media freedom and the foreign investment climate in Poland, if it is allowed to become law.

A free and independent media strengthens our democracies, makes the Transatlantic Alliance more resilient, and undergirds our bilateral relationship. We look forward to working with the Government of Poland to advance our shared priorities on the basis of democratic values and respect for fundamental freedoms, including freedom of expression. Now is the time for solidarity among Allies.