Join us for “World Wildlife Day: Celebrating The Guardians of Wildlife” Webchat

Wildlife rangers and other brave front line defenders risk their lives every day to stop wildlife poaching and trafficking. Wildlife trafficking happens on every continent and affects hundreds of wildlife species, ranging from coral to cheetahs. Not only does it affect the lives of wildlife and their defenders, it affects the lives of entire communities: It is the 4th largest criminal market in the world, and is an entry point to trafficking drugs, guns, and people. On March 2 at 17:00 (local time), join us for a live, global webchat on featuring front line defenders Mike Veale, Juliana Machado Ferreira, and Andrea Heydlauff. Learn about the lives of rangers and other guardians of the wildlife. Find out the true costs of wildlife tracking. Discover how governments, communities, and individuals like you can fight back!

About Speakers

Mike is a ranger, rhino zookeeper, and founder of Global Conservation Force
Juliana is a conservation biologist and founder of Freeland Brasil
Andrea is a wildlife biologist and currently Director of Strategic Communications at the African Parks Network