U.S. Embassy Sends 20 Polish Girls to Women in Science Camp in Estonia

On July 14th the U.S. Embassy, a local partner Perspektywy Educational Foundation, sent off a group of 20 Polish teenage girls to Tallin, Estonia for the 2019 WiSci Girl STEAM Camp.  The camp will run from July 14- 27, 2019 and brings together 100 high school girls from the United States, Estonia, Poland, Latvia and The Republic of Georgia to work together to enhance their STEAM skills, craft their leadership potential and build networks that will prepare them to new opportunities.  Campers will have the opportunity to develop mobile applications, gain coding skills and learn about microbiology and more. The camp is hosted by U.S. Embassies in Estonia, Poland, the Republic of Georgia and Latvia with GirlUp Foundation and private sector partners Google and Intel.  The U.S. Embassy Poland has partnered with the Perspektywy Foundation to coordinate participation of the Polish campers and to engage the students upon their return as part of our science and youth outreach efforts.