American Group to Appear at Zachor Festival of Jewish Culture in Białystok

Four musicians from the famous 6/13 group will make their first appearance in Poland during the closing gala of the Festival of Jewish Culture Zachor in Białystok . The group will also meet aspiring musicians prior to the concert.

The 9th rendition of the festival, set to take place between June 18-21, 2016 has been jointly organized by the Center for Citizenship Education Poland-Israel (Centrum Edukacji Obywatelskiej Polska-Izrael) in Białystok and the Jewish Community in Warsaw and will include a variety of outdoor concerts, music and dance workshops, kosher cooking, lectures and a conference on East European Judaism.  One of the festival events will be presentation of the Righteous among Nations medal to three Polish families from Białystok area. 

The U.S. Embassy is a proud partner of the festival.