U.S. Musicians to Perform at 11th Annual Zachor Jewish Culture Festival in Białystok

The 11th edition of Zachor Festival of Jewish Culture will take place in Białystok, Poland from June 16-19.  This year’s festival, “ZachorColor and Sound,” will present three performers from the United States.  On Monday, June 18, the vocalist and guitar player Gerard Edery (https://www.gerardedery.com) will perform a concert of Sephardic songs with the fabulous Polish musicians Anna Wandtke (violin) and Sebastian Wypych (double bass) at Białystok’s historic Branicki Palace.  Then two musicians from New York – the vocalist Elizabeth Schwartz and accordion player Peter Stan – will perform the final gala concert on Tuesday, June 19 at 7:00 pm.  Schwartz and Stan will also conduct an open workshop for aspiring musicians during the Zachor Festival.

A special tour following the footsteps of the famous lawyer and writer and Bialystok-born American, Samuel Pisar, will take place on Monday, June 16.

The Zachor Festival, which celebrates the rich Jewish cultural heritage in northeastern Poland, is co-organized by the local Citizen Education Center. The U.S. Embassy is a proud sponsor of the festival. For a detailed program of the Zachor Festival please visit the following website: http://bialystok.jewish.org.pl/